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Time Lapse Photography Inadvertently Catches Wedding Proposal

And that’s when I saw it. Directly in the middle of the frame, as if I had planned it: a man proposing to his girlfriend. 50 seconds. 10 pictures. A fleeting moment now relive-able.

I love little stories like this. Guy doing something innocuous, manages to get something really cool as a result. And now he’s enlisting the rest of the internet to try to find out who this couple was. (via petapixel)

My Niece is So Damned Cute.

Olivia is at an age that I’m really starting to love. Not only is she running around on her own two feet and making all sorts of mischief, she’s downright adorably expressive. I took these photos around Memorial Day.

Olivia – Three Faces
Click here to view a larger version.

New Baby Photos

Took advantage of a lack of sleep today to go visit my sister, who was down at my dad’s house with the baby. Got these photos while I was there.

Cute Overload

I don’t usually post these types of things to my blog (for one, I hate the whole embedded player thing, and they’re lucky that the video doesn’t play automatically), but this is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen some pretty cuddly things in my day.

Husky Vs Cat – video powered by Metacafe

I only hope that I can find a dog someday that has the strength of intuition that this one has. I would love to own a Husky.

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