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Shots from Saturday Night at the Bar

Went to see a few bands play at the Bank Street Cafe here in New London. Decent stuff, but as I’ve sort of become the unofficial-official photographer of the Paul Brockett Roadshow, I was there to work. See below for photos:

Estrogen and Tonic

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Nerve Tonic

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Paul Brockett Roadshow

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More Fireworks Photos

I attended the fireworks tonight at Sail Fest in New London, this time properly armed with my camera’s tripod and a newly-purchased cable release (well, technically it isn’t a cable release, since it’s a digital camera; I think it would probably be more apropos to call it a wired remote). The problem with having a tripod is that it doesn’t really give you the freedom to move about, nor does it offer you much opportunity to change focus or zoom very readily. I tried, but a lot of these photos came out looking the same, given that they were all framed the same and they were all taken from exactly the same position. Still, I guess that it’s the content that provides the “changes” needed, and some of these really came out well.

Photos taken on a Canon Digital Rebel XT with an 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom lens.

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