What this privacy policy covers

This privacy policy covers the types of personal information that are gathered and used on this site. The policy also covers what information is stored on your computer.

How this site stores and uses your personal information

I’m going to put it plainly: This site simply doesn’t use your personal information. I hate spam just as much as everybody else and I refuse to contribute to the problem. However, should you decide to subscribe to email updates, or choose to be notified when a new comment has been submitted on a post you’ve commented on, the site will store your email address in its database.

Once again I’ll say that I do not personally use your email address for anything. I’ll be honest and say that on occasion, I’ll get curious and look to see who’s subscribed/how many people are subscribed to things, but I don’t save the lists anywhere or even create address books in my email clients with them. Any time that you get an email from this site, it’s done from inside the backend of the system and I’m simply typing on a screen that says “send a message to subscribers.” So you can rest assured that if you should remove your address from the subscriptions, I won’t have it anymore.

There, plain English.

How this site uses cookies to store information locally

This site does store cookies on your computer. These cookies are created out of convenience, merely so that if you submit a comment to a post, it saves your information so that you won’t have to fill it out again later. This information is not stored in any readable format on your computer—rather, it’s done in an encrypted method that hashes the data so that a key is needed to read it. Even if somebody should hack into your machine or steal it, they wouldn’t be able to see that information.