My friend Nichole sent me a link to a video that really caught my attention. Mostly, I thought that the video was very sad and touching, but the music really grabbed me. It’s a cover of a Tears For Fears song called Mad World, by Gary Jules, and it’s a really good one—better, in my opinion, than the original.

Anyway, I had the song stuck in my head all day Friday, and between getting home in the afternoon and leaving for our night of Harry Potter-related festivities (by the way: if I ever say again that I want to go to a release party at midnight for a children’s book, slap me very hard in the face), I sat down at the piano keyboard and the computer and put together my own cover of Gary Jules’ cover of Mad World. Over the weekend I’ve tweaked it a little bit and I liked it enough to show it to the five of you that read this blog all of you.

Comments and critiques are very welcome. :)