I had my first practice round for the new golf league I joined today. My ankles are killing me, after only nine holes, and on top of it, I scored a freakin’ 66.

For those who don’t really follow golf, par for an entire 18-hole round is usually 72. I scored as many strokes on half a round of golf as Tiger Woods usually scores on an entire round.

But then again, part of the reason I’m choosing to do this is so that I can get better. And I did, even just looking at the scores I had on the course today. The second half was MUCH more consistent than the first, although I made quite a few mistakes even on the second half.

The other reason I decided to do the golf league was for my health. It’s part of my new thing for myself. Yesterday, I got up early, climbed on the exercise bike and rode for half an hour before going to work. Today, I played nine holes of golf. Tomorrow, I’m going to make every effort to get my ass up early again and climb on the bike. That’s the most difficult part for me, the getting up part. Can I do it? Absolutely. But in the morning, when I’m lying in my warm, comfortable bed, it’s so difficult to get up, despite how great I feel when I’m done.