I seem to be getting a lot of blow-offs lately. It seems like nobody wants to spend time with me or talk to me lately, but mostly it’s the spending time thing that I’m getting a lot of, recently. Every time I try to come up with plans to hang out with my friends, everybody’s “really tired” or has something important to do.

Is it just that I’m boring and nobody wants me around, or maybe it’s just one of those strange coincidences where people really do have all this stuff that they have to be doing. Whatever it is, it doesn’t really feel that great.

On a similar note, I spent some more time doing further thinking about moving in with my brother. Friday, I asked him if I could come and take a look at the bedroom, to see whether I could make it work out. He informed me that he had taken in a coworker who had also been interested in moving in, having made the assumption that I didn’t want it. It would have been nice for him to tell me, so that I didn’t continue to labor over the whole thing.

Maybe that’s what’s really bothering me, lately. Maybe it’s just that I feel that my entire environment just isn’t really noticing me, or doesn’t have the time (or perhaps the interest) to include me in it anymore.

Maybe I’ll just go to bed early and get up to do some exercising in the morning. At least my stationary bike doesn’t blow me off.