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I could NEVER understand this.

I have a new coworker who is from England. We had a discussion about a week ago about the great game of Cricket. Being that I am American, and thus I have no clue as to what happens outside this country, I had to admit that, like most other Americans, I had no idea how the game is played.

Well, I happened to be reading my LiveJournal Friends Page tonight and happened upon an entry by a friend of mine who lives in Australia, in which he mentions that he’s got the cricket game on in the background. So I looked it up in the Holy Grail Wikipedia and, like the wealth of information that it is, it had an entry on cricket.

I can now officially say that after having read the complete rules of cricket… I still have no freaking clue on how the game is played.

What an incredibly complicated game.


I thought it was too late in the season, but there is a super-heavy thunderstorm lighting up the skies here right now. Thumbs up!

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