There are times when you should recognize that the Fates don’t want you to leave the house. Here are some things that should have made me stay at home this morning:

  1. I overslept by two hours.
  2. My uvula was swelled by about 100%, making me practically choke every time I swallowed.
  3. When I tried to unlock my car, the weather was so cold that the door lock was frozen (though all of the other locks on the car were fine), so I had to climb in from the passenger side.
  4. I tried to adjust my mirror—only to have it snap off in my hand. I’m now driving with no rear view mirror until I can figure out how to reattach it in this freezing weather or find a friend with a warm garage that will allow me to work on it. Maybe I’ll just take it into a shop and pay somebody to do it; at least then I can’t screw it up.

If any of these things happens to you when you wake up, take the hint and just go back to sleep until the next day. You’ll thank yourself later on.