This past weekend, I moved about fifty miles eastward. I have my entire family (sans my brother, who had to work on Saturday) to thank for helping me with this process, especially given the fact that at the end of the week, I had far less material packed than I thought I would.

All told, there were five vehicles transporting stuff, two of which were trucks and one of which was an Explorer, which meant that we only had to make one trip. This is beneficial, of course, when you have to travel fifty-plus miles.

For the most part, the move went successfully. We went back to my dad’s house for a barbecue afterward, and I spent the night there because it was closer to my old apartment (I had to do some cleanup), so last night was the first night I spent in the new place. The new apartment is an absolute mess right now, boxes and crates everywhere, but I suppose that’s to be expected. I got internet and cable turned on today and I’ve started setting up my computer/music station. The kitchen is next once I can get the living room straightened up some.

Why did I say “for the most part,” though? Some stuff got broken. This is the first time I’ve had serious mishaps occur during a move. My headboard lost one side when my father tried to put it in the truck by himself. My entertainment center was the victim of wind shear during its ride on the highway and the top half of it was ripped off. And the 4×3-foot plate of glass that used to sit on top of my desk got broken when the attempt was made to open the truck tailgate.

The glass isn’t a big deal—my parents had made me the desk when I was in school so that I’d have something to write on. Now it’s used mostly as a computer desk, so there’s no real need to replace the glass. The entertainment center has already been replaced with a smaller TV table-esque unit I found at IKEA yesterday. (A side note: I could have spent all day at IKEA. It’s like crack for the home furnishing industry.) Now I just have to find a way to get the old one to the dump (something my friend Steve is willing to help with, given that he’s got a larger car than I).

As for the headboard, I’m not entirely sure. My dad thinks that I can repair it, and given the way that my bedroom is currently configured, it would be hidden pretty well. I guess I’ll have to see what I can do with it.

So it’s been a pretty busy weekend, overall. I slept for about twelve hours on Saturday night, which was a really really great way to start my vacation after the move. Of course, it’s not quite completed yet, as I do still have to shampoo the carpets in my old place, clean the oven and empty the storage room of all the empty boxes I’m never going to use but saved anyway. Then I’ll call, tell them I’m ready for an inspection, and hand the keys over. And then I will officially be completely and totally moved out.