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Dark and dangerous times lie ahead…

Just got back from seeing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


And I mean damn.

That’s about all I can say for the moment. Okay, I lied. There was very little about this movie that I didn’t like, despite its inevitable departures from the book. Out of the four movies, this one was absolutely the best at standing on its own. I think that people who see it but haven’t read the book will be able to carry more away from it than the previous ones.

I have to absorb this some. I will definitely go into more (and more spoilery) detail later on.

When the Spanish Babies Cried

I just heard a cut from “Out Tonight” in a trailer for Rent. I have just one thing to say to Rosario Dawson:

Look, sweetie. It ain’t enough to just hit the notes. Seriously. You sound even worse than Daphne Rubin-Vega, and I didn’t think that was possible. No, I mean it. Really.

Let me tell you about my weekend.

My stepsister, Elizabeth, has been accepted into the Peace Corps. I didn’t find out about it until a little more than a week ago—obviously I had known that she was trying to get in, but I hadn’t known she’d actually been accepted.

So the point that I found out she was going was just over a week ago, when I got an invitation to her going away party. So that’s nice. The only un-nice thing about it was its location, which was where my other stepsister lives, in Esperance, New York (way out there in upstate New York, about three hours from my location here in Connecticut and about two and a half from my parents’ place in Vermont). So there was a pretty hefty drive out to the party.

I went to the party in a caravan with my parents, and my sister and brother-in-law. We got out of the cars, unloaded Liz’s clothes and such, and went into the party. I happened to walk with with my brother-in-law, Dan. All in all, it was a pretty innocuous entrance. I said hello to the people that were there.

It wasn’t until later on that the strangeness started, or rather, that the news of the strangeness got to me. Apparently, Liz’s mother, who hasn’t seen me in years, saw me walking in with Dan and apparently assumed that he was my boyfriend.

I’ll repeat that, because it bears repeating.

She thought that my sister’s husband was my significant other.

I could sort of understand something like this, if it was somebody who hadn’t known me for twenty years. In fact, I’m actually quite used to people thinking that I’m gay, at least when they first meet me. It’s apparently quite common. Which, I suppose, leads me to the question that is the whole point of this entry:

Why is it that people seem to enjoy making the assumption that I’m gay?

I accept the fact that I am hardly the “typical” male. I’m not big into sports, I don’t mind talking about my feelings, I’m a performer (always a sign of the Queer), I have lots of gay friends. But the last time I checked, there’s only one thing that constitutes a gay male, and that is a desire for the same sex. And the last time I checked, I lack that qualification.

The strangest thing is that I would expect somebody who was practically family to know me the best (well, not as well as people who actually were family, but you get my point). The fact that Kathy saw me walk in with another guy and automatically made the assumption that he was my boyfriend means that she was already predisposed to thinking it. I get that this is all modern times and everything, but most people don’t think “Oh. They’re gay” when two guys walk into a room together, unless they have some reason to think so. So what is it? What is it that makes people—apparently the people that are even supposed to know me—assume that I’m batting for the other team?

I would make the suggestion that maybe this is why I haven’t had a girlfriend in forever, except for the obvious everybody-knows-this fact that women loooove gay guys.

Aaaaand… it’s time.

The Christmas-themed ads have started playing on television. I can’t even begin to describe how homicidal that makes me feel.

I could NEVER understand this.

I have a new coworker who is from England. We had a discussion about a week ago about the great game of Cricket. Being that I am American, and thus I have no clue as to what happens outside this country, I had to admit that, like most other Americans, I had no idea how the game is played.

Well, I happened to be reading my LiveJournal Friends Page tonight and happened upon an entry by a friend of mine who lives in Australia, in which he mentions that he’s got the cricket game on in the background. So I looked it up in the Holy Grail Wikipedia and, like the wealth of information that it is, it had an entry on cricket.

I can now officially say that after having read the complete rules of cricket… I still have no freaking clue on how the game is played.

What an incredibly complicated game.

See? Told you

I’m feeling much better now.

Does the sucky stuff still suck? Yeah, but I know that eventually I’ll figure it all out.

I guess that what’s really important for right now is to figure out what I have to do in order to fix it. That’s always been my problem, to a certain extent—and hell, is the problem with most of society—I’m really good at finding out what’s wrong with the world, but when it comes to stepping up, I take a step back instead.

But I’ll be fine, honest. Don’t you go worrying about me.

Insert witty yet snarky tagline here.

I’m really getting sick of being depressed. No money, no social life, two hours of driving to and from work a day, work/home/sleep/work/home/sleep… The routine is driving me crazy.

I just don’t know what I can do about this. It’s not so much that I feel depressed, because that’s something that comes and goes; it’s more that I just feel kind of trapped in everything. Lack of any real direction in my life is just causing me to see what’s only two feet in front of my face.

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